Solving Touring Car heat issues with Team BMR

13th April 2019

  We all know that intake temperatures and managing heat is extremely important in protecting your engine. Under fierce competition, team BMR approached Funk Motorsport to manage the heat on their Subaru Levorgs to ensure optimum performance of their engine.   Earlier this year, we were approached by BTCC race team BMR to solve some […]

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Golden Reflection: The benefits of Gold Reflective Heat Tape.

10th December 2018

We have been selling Gold Heat Tape for years, but why? What are the performance benefits of Gold heat wrap Despite Gold reflective bulkheads like you see in Formula 1 and NASA spacecraft looking cool, they have a very good reason why they are in this shade – and sadly no, Gold Heat Tape isn’t only […]

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How do you reduce intake temperatures?

26th October 2018

Reducing intake temperatures We hear it all the time here at Funk Motorsport. Lower intake temperatures produce more power. Keep your induction system cool. Colder intake temperatures improve performance. How do I lower my intake temperatures? Whilst this may seem gospel, there is actually a relatively small amount of information out there for how to […]

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Turbo Blankets: The 101 Guide

20th September 2018

Turbo blankets are becoming a wider used product throughout the automotive tuning and motorsport worlds, focusing on the performance market – though traces of these products can be see across mainstream Car Manufacturers and OEMs worldwide. Turbo blankets or otherwise known as “turbo socks” or “turbo jackets” are exactly that, they are designed to increase […]

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Funk Motorsport Titanium Turbo Blanket
The Funk Motorsport Mk2 Turbo Blanket. What’s new?

25th February 2018

At Funk Motorsport, we are constantly evolving. Our brand; our network and our products. We strike for perfection, always looking for improvement. Our Turbo Blankets are no exception. Recently, our highly rated, corner stone of our Heat Management range has been under the microscope. Our turbo blanket undertook a total transformation; every seam and every surface has […]

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How does exhaust wrap work?

31st August 2017

Exhaust wrap has been involved in the Automotive Tuning and Motorsport market for years, as used on motorcycles and performance cars. A simple and well respected product in which has been a key part of car preparation. Though they have developed and become more advanced, the key principles remain the same, to restrict heat transfer […]

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Heat Management Case study: Gold heat tape on a Formula ford

24th June 2017

Ok, so you are probably reading this as you are still a little skeptical about how some shiny silver/gold heat tape can actually make a difference to your overall engine performance. Does gold tape actually work? Am I right? Yes it does work! That is exactly why this is the first of many case studies […]

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Oliver Bolton Discusses Drift Cup Win as BDC Preparations Begin

20th June 2017

Image by M.S Photography and Sixty 9ine Production. As all heads look towards the BDC next week, Oliver Bolton talks about his incredible Drift Cup win to earn him his place at the Battle of Britain in Birmingham this weekend. ‘So Driftcup round 3 had finally arrived!  I was buzzing but didn’t know really know […]

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Why is Heat Management so important?

29th March 2017

Heat management is key in Motorsport, Track days and Automotive & motorcycle design. There are many ways to do this and many areas that Heat Management can be used to improve a vehicle as well as maintaining and maximising its performance whilst staying reliable. Below shows an overview of some ways heat management can increase […]

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