Oliver Bolton Discusses Drift Cup Win as BDC Preparations Begin

20th June 2017

Image by M.S Photography and Sixty 9ine Production. As all heads look towards the BDC next week, Oliver Bolton talks about his incredible Drift Cup win to earn him his place at the Battle of Britain in Birmingham this weekend. ‘So Driftcup round 3 had finally arrived!  I was buzzing but didn’t know really know […]

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Funk’s Riku Tahko Hosts Gymkhana Qualifier

11th May 2017

Funk Motorsport Sponsored Project Riku Tahko brings a new racing format to Finland! On the 20-21st May, Vermo Drift Festival 2017 will feature a new, exciting event hosted by Riku Tahko. Riku has driven the Monster Energy Gymkhana Grid finals three times, and wants to offer a chance for other Finns to compete in Gymkhana Grid, with […]

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