Golden Reflection: The benefits of Gold Reflective Heat Tape.

Despite Gold reflective bulkheads like you see in Formula 1 and NASA space craft looking cool, they have a very good reason why they are in this shade – and sadly no, Gold Heat Tape isn’t only for looks!

Gold Airbox

Heat, like light can be reflected away. This type of heat is called “Radiant heat”, the type of heat that keeps the Earth (some may argue) warm from the sun’s rays, despite having millions of miles of a void vacuum between the two masses. This can also be said for heat lamps, they will only be able to heat something that is directly within their path. The other type of heat transfer is convectional – this is the type that you will typically feel from a kettle (or a wrongly named “wall mounted radiator”), an element will heat up and warm the particles next to it, then next to that and so on. For this reason, you do not need to be directly in the line sight to feel the benefits. This is not to say that there isn’t Radiant heat emitted from a kettle and convectional heat transfer occurring from the Sun, but lets keep this simple for now.

Gold Bulk Head

Ok, you are asking, so why GOLD? Why not any other reflective surface? Copper? Silver? Glass? Well Gold states the best reflective qualities and so can reflect away outstanding levels of radiant heat. Our Funk Cool Gold Reflective Heat Tape and sheets is capable of reflecting away around 80% of all radiant heat coming its way. To demonstrate this, feel free to click on the video section for a product testing demonstration.

When used correctly, our Funk Cool reflective tape can be used to protect intake components and therefore lowering your intake temperatures. Lower intake temperatures create a bigger bang in the combustion chamber and therefore a more powerful and more efficient engine running cycle. This has been proved by many of our clients ranging from European Rally X to international level single seater championships. Our Funk Cool Gold Reflective Heat tape is also vital for ensuring that components such as fuel cells, ECUs, heat shields and bulkheads are working at their optimal without the chance of damage due to excess heat.

Our sheets and tapes come with a self adhesive layer of specially designed woven glass fibre, this will also provide additional convectional heat protection. The top surface layer is composed from a deep shine gold with no UV degradation.

Our Funk Cool Reflective Gold Heat tape is available in:


Why is heat management so important?

2.5m x 50mm
5.0m x 50mm
10m x 50mm


30cm x 46cm (A3)
60cm x 70cm





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  1. It’s interesting how you said that reflective tape can help to keep temperatures lower which will help with combustion in your car. This seems like a really great thing to do because it would increase fuel efficiency. I bet you could put that on industrial equipment as well and use it for stuff there too.

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