Funk Motorsport Titanium Turbo Blanket

The Funk Motorsport Mk2 Turbo Blanket. What’s new?

At Funk Motorsport, we are constantly evolving. Our brand; our network and our products. We strike for perfection, always looking for improvement. Our Turbo Blankets are no exception.

Recently, our highly rated, corner stone of our Heat Management range has been under the microscope. Our turbo blanket undertook a total transformation; every seam and every surface has been adjusted and modified to make the best, even better.
Now, our industry leading turbo blanket is equipped with a roster of new features in order to provide an amazing finish, unbeatable performance and great durability.
The upgrades.
Every Mk2 turbo blanket now boasts:
  • Uprated internal stitching with mesh support throughout.
  • Fine mesh internal lining provides additional protection layers between the turbine housing and blanket fabrics to upgrade thermal properties, along with additional robustness.
  • Key external seams reinforced and tightened to provide ultimate durability.
  • All external fabrics have been swapped out for a more lightweight twill which is even tougher and more pleasing to the eye.
  • Finished with a specific laser engraved Funk Motorsport tag, to ensure 100% authenticity.
We are hugely proud of the additional benefits that our Mk2 turbo blankets bring to the table. These
upgrades offer huge under bonnet temperature reductions, great additional turbo efficiency and
improved performance from the turbo and its surrounding components.

Here at Funk, we have a turbo blanket designed for your application. Unsure? Don’t hesitate to drop us a message.






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