• Funk Motorsport Turbo Blanket
  • Funk Motorsport Titanium Turbo Blanket
  • Funk Motorsport Carbon Fibre Turbo Blanket
  • Funk Motorsport Titanium Turbo Blanket
  • Funk Motorsport Carbon Fibre Turbo Blanket
  • Funk Motorsport Carbon Fibre Turbo Blanket
  • Funk Motorsport Titanium Turbo Blanket
  • Funk Motorsport Carbon Fibre Turbo Blanket
  • Funk Motorsport Titanium Turbo Blanket
  • Funk Motorsport Carbon Fibre Turbo Blanket
  • Funk Motorsport Carbon Fibre Turbo Blanket
  • Funk Motorsport Turbo Blanket
  • Funk Motorsport Turbo Blanket
  • Funk Motorsport Turbo Blanket

Funk Motorsport T4 Turbo Blanket Jacket

5.00 out of 5 based on 7 customer ratings
(7 customer reviews)

From: £135.00

Funk Motorsport Turbo Blankets are made from the highest quality materials and are available for all turbo applications in both Carbon Fibre and Titanium Lava Rock.. 



After intensive development and testing, our Mk2 T4 Turbo Blanket has arrived. Funk Motorsport Turbo Blankets provide huge heat reductions to provide a higher performing engine and a more reliable system. With the success of our initial Turbo Blanket at the heart of the design, we have taken the best parts of our original blanket along with some exciting upgrades to provide the strongest and most reliable T4 Turbo Jacket to date.

All of our turbo blankets now feature:

  • Internal mesh layer reinforcement throughout.
  • Smart mesh on all internal seams and key external seams to ensure longevity.
  • Uprated twill on both our Titanium and Carbon fibre options providing a more durable, great looking finish.
  • Funk Motorsport Black label to provide authenticity of your Funk Motorsport product.

Since a Turbo utilises the hot gas flow of the exhaust and the cool air flow of the intake, the close positioning of these two halves of the turbo leads to a high amount of heat soak. This blend of hot and cold parts of the turbo creates issues for both performance and reliability. Our T4 Turbo Blanket will sit comfortably over the hot side (turbine housing) to ensure that the cold side (compressor housing) is working at optimal temperatures. A cooler intake temperature results in the MAF sensor reading a denser air and therefore allows for an increased ignition spark. This leads to a higher output of rotational energy from inside the combustion chamber. More Energy = More Power!

Also, by keeping the hot air inside the turbo, this will actually accelerate the gases out of the system and so providing a faster spool time, helping to reduce Turbo Lag.

Available in both Titanium Lava Rock and lightweight Carbon Fibre.

Metal retaining spring are also included for quick, easy fitment.

We urge you to see our product testing of just how amazing these blankets stop the heat! We show a 2000°C blowtorch just inches from the blanket, protecting a bare hand – this is one not to miss. Click here to check it out!

Why is heat management so important? Find out here.

This T4 Turbo Blanket fits (but is not limited to) fitting Nissan GTR, Skyline, S13, S14, S15 plus the following turbos:

BorgWarner EFR 7670, BorgWarner S300, BorgWarner S366, BorgWarner S400, EFR 8374, S366, Garrett GT3076r, Garrett GTX3582, Garrett GT35R, Garrett GT37R, Garrett GT40, Garrett GT42, Garrett GT45, Garrett GT46, Garrett GT47, Garrett GTX42, Garrett T04Z, Garrett 60-1, Garrett TB03, Holset HX35, HKS T04z, HKS T51R, Precision Turbo PT67, PT6870, T4 6266, Trust TD06-25G Externally Gated.

Additional information

Weight0.5 kg

Additional Info

Note of caution:
This turbo blanket is not flammable. However if any flammable fluids are introduced into close proximity of the blanket, the blanket could become a suitable ignition source for a flame to be produced. Please ensure that all necessary precautions are taken in regards to the appropriate maintenance of all oil and fuel lines and fittings surrounding the turbo charging and fuel injection system. Funk Motorsport take no responsibility for fluid contamination our products.

Whilst this heat shield is removable after fitment, it is not designed to be removed once a number of heat cycles has been introduced into the product. After the blankets have been heated they will lose some of their internal construction properties, though we must stress that this does not reduce any thermal properties of the product.

Interior Surface:
Max Temperature Rating: 1260 Deg C
Continuous Use Limit: 1000 Deg C

Exterior Surface (Titanium)
Direct Contact Limit: 982 Deg C
Radiant Heat Limit: 1371 Deg C

Exterior Surface (Carbon Fibre)
Direct Contact Limit: 1032 Deg C
Radiant Heat Limit: 1421 Deg C

7 reviews for Funk Motorsport T4 Turbo Blanket Jacket

  1. 5 out of 5

    Fantastic product, very high quality and looks great in the engine bay!

  2. 5 out of 5

    Perfect fit for my single turbo conversion. Feels a lot cooler when you lift bonnet.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Recently started burning a small hole in my Bonnet. Not now, this product has hugely reduced temps!

  4. 5 out of 5

    Brilliant quality.

  5. 5 out of 5

    I’ve used this turbo blanket all year and can’t recommend it enough. With a JZ swapped s-chassis the hot side of the engine usually melts the brake reservoir. Not anymore thanks to funk motorsport. Engine bay temps are under control.

  6. 5 out of 5

    I live in the USA and was willing to wait to get this delivered from the UK. These guys smash the main US brands out of the water. I can easily hold my hand on that turbo after a fast drive!
    Thanks guys! Awesome Brand you have here.

  7. 5 out of 5

    Ive seen these popping up everywhere and so I actually bought this for the look and the bling factor. I am very pleased with the quality too.

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