Wire Protection Sleeving (HT Leads and more)

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Wire protection is used to provide added security in vital areas which can be prone to rubbing through. Common applications include HT leads fuel lines, bonnet release catches, ECU loom protection, Ignition cable protection and electronic signal cables. This protection sleeving is easy to cut to your required length then can be completed and finished off using our heat shrink to secure your protection in place.

Wire protection Available in:

  • Red
  • Black
  • Silver
  • Titanium.

Why is heat management so important? Find out here.

Our protection sleeving has an approximate 10mm diameter and 1m length. This can be secured in place using a number of methods. We have used heat shrink (sold separately) to get the clean finish that you see here. Spark Plug boot protection has also been used in this application, also sold separately.

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